Michael Tracy Biography

I was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. I lived an uneventful childhood - I played on swings, came up with crazy imaginative games with my friends, pondered what it would be like to live amongst the squirrels . . . all normal childhood activities.

Eventually, after I tired of Babylon 5 reruns, I went to college. I had been good at math, so it seemed like the logical choice to pursue a career in it. All seemed well, then one mysterious day, with graduation about a year and a half away, I tired of it. I decided that I no longer cared whether or not a system of matrices were linearly independent or dependent, or whether a given function expressed as an infinite series is convergent or divergent.

I took a step back and had to look at what was important to me. I realized that while I may have been led to math because of my natural skills at it, what I was most interested in and challenged by were my hobbies - all pursuits of a creative nature. I took a leap of faith and decided to make a complete switch from the math and sciences to art.

I quickly took to drawing, specifically with graphite. Having a technical mind, the challenge of rendering things accurately was extremely pleasing and rewarding. In 2006, I was introduced to my other artistic passion - glass working. The pure properties of clear glass, the bright brilliant colors, the transparency, the surface - all of it excited me and the possibilities of mixing the concepts of drawing with glass seemed like a challenge that I would never tire of.

Where my journey as an artist will take me is unknown, and that is what keeps me excited about it. The wonderful thing about art is every piece, every project, every technique, is different, which is more than enough to satisfy my short attention span

. . . although I still sometimes wonder what life might be living amongst the squirrels.